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About Throne University

Throne University is a private Christian liberal arts college in Toronto, Canada offering various online self-paced courses to adequately prepare young men and women for ministry. We believe that ministry is not something one just ventures into out of choice and everyone minister has a unique calling that must be properly groomed. Our programs are based on biblical principles with great consideration to contemporary events without compromising on the integrity of the Word of God.

We offer a friendly environment with accessible lecturers and mentors to help each student on their unique journey. We do not only offer academic excellence, but we are also deeply invested in each student’s journey from the start to finish.


Throne University Lectures are professionals with varieties of backgrounds, they have been trained and mentored by the global prophetic father and mentor Prophet Monnie, these men and women are highly prophetic individuals with great life experience who will provide a powerful space for you to learn about the prophetic, your divine calling and create a safe atmosphere to practice your prophetic gifting with other like-minded students. Always remember that you are not crazy, you are just gifted and different as a prophetic and supernatural individual.




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