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We have a variety of support services in place to help students make the most of their time at Throne University.

We attempt to comprehend each student's unique experiences while keeping their identities and individual journeys in mind.

Our staff are as involved in the students’ personal and spiritual growth as they are in their academic accomplishments. This is because we are not only grooming students to excel in their career paths but mentoring them to be the people that God has called them to be in spite of all of life’s challenges

Whether a student is struggling with what they believe to be their calling or career path, personal life and identity challenges, family, relationship or health issues, we have programs designed to help each student make it to their best self.

Student Disability Services

The Throne University Student Disability Services Unit provides assistance to students with a variety of disabilities, including sensory, motor, learning, and cognitive impairments as well as psychological and chronic health conditions. We assist students in refocusing their attention away from their limitations and toward their strengths and skills

We are aware of the significance of the various learning opportunities that each student has access to, as well as the discrepancies that frequently have unintended negative effects on communities that are already marginalized. We hold that we are all created equal in the sight of God and each person has a certain quality that makes their contributions valuable to society. We have systems, resources, and personnel to provide students with a distinctive, meaningful learning experience despite what would appear to be their limitations.

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