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Global Prophetic School (GPS)

The full-time School of the Prophets major provides an immersive experience for students who desire a solid foundation in the scriptures, character and life-skill development, and deeper experience with prophetic gifts and ministries. Students choosing the Global Prophet's School will be fully enrolled in the Faculty of Prophetic Leadership and active in the supernatural ministries of Royalthrone triumphant Ministries. They will learn from interaction with our staff, teachers, and high-impact guest speakers.

The School of the Prophets is an intensive program designed to bring people together from all around the world that shares an interest in the prophetic and a hunger for more. Whether here with us in Toronto or joining us online via Zoom, our activations are designed to help you grow in the prophetic through a simple but effective application.

We offer a variety of high-quality courses designed to prepare you for your exciting spiritual advancement, to the higher dimensions above. These courses will help advance your understanding and demonstration of spiritual gifts. Our spiritual teachers understand the spiritual gifts esoterically, but (more importantly) have learned experientially.



Upon completing the program, students will receive a certificate of completion sealed and signed from the Throne University Global  Prophet's School


Graduation will be held in Canada and on zoom online, students will get to choose which way they want to graduate.


For more information email us at or call 885RTHRONE, ext. 239

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