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Yaa Boatemaa

March 4, 2022


Divine escape from arm robbers

Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless his holy name.

I bless God for divinely granting me an escape when I came into close contact with arm robbers at gunpoint.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at home and wanted to cook but then required other things to enable me to do the cooking.

This made me decide to step out to the shop to get the essentials needed.

As soon as I stepped out my neighbour’s child started crying that she wanted to go with me and so together I left the house with her.

On our way, we were attacked by arm robbers at gunpoint to the extent that guns were getting fired in the air which made everyone who wanted to help in the situation run.

It was then left with myself and the child, and a gun was fired right at me, but to the glory of God, my soul and that of the child escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowler as the psalmist says.

We divinely escaped to the glory of God without a scratch on our bodies.

I praise God for sparing my life and that of the child for I know and believe that, even as I’m connected and in prayer with this fire altar, my divine protection and life are secured in Jesus’ name.

Thank you, Prophet of God.

#divineesccape #theseerrealm



February 18, 2022


Relocation Testimony

Tonight, I’m here to testify to the glorification of God as it’s been a year since I joined this zoom prayer line.

With all the testimonies coming forth, I feel my family and loved ones owe God so much.

This week, I made a reflection with my sister (Araba) who is also on the platform, and she reminded me of how far the Lord has brought us.

Joining this platform has been a total transformation with so many uncountable blessings and testimonies received through the ministrations of our papa.

A prophetic declaration was made by papa when I first joined the prayer line, that for a year now, I will be at Royal cry Canada.

Then, I couldn’t utter a word but only smile back at him because I didn’t know how possible that will happen as I was undocumented.

Tonight, I testify, for the Lord has fulfilled his purpose in my life and that of my family because I joined this prayer line with no purpose or direction however God has used the prophet to make the croaked path in my life straight and still being straightened in Jesus’ name.

#relocation #travel #theseerrealm #prophetmonnie



March 18, 2022


Healing/Birthday  Testimony


Tonight, my testimony is a thanksgiving to God for adding another year to my years.

I remember last year by this time; I spent my birthday in a hospital on a hospital bed as I was admitted with so many diagnosed diseases and complications happening in my body then.

I had no hope of still being alive as a lot was happening to me.

However, my encounter with the man of God and his prayers have brought me where I am today with an additional year with all praise to Elohim.

The man of God continually interceded for me in prayers selflessly of which I can now attest to the glory of God that I have been restored and healed of all diseases.

I give God praise and I bless God for the life of the man of God for availing himself spiritually to be used by God for us to benefit.

I bless God for the life of everyone here and the collaborative prayers we incorporate on this platform.

It is my prayer that whiles I remain steadfast on this platform, every prophetic word that has been said in my life and all other things that the Lord has said regarding my destiny shall be evident in the mighty name of Jesus.

God bless you all and thank you.

#healing #thanksgiving #theseerrealm #prophetmonnie



February 18, 2022


Healing Testimony

Praise the Lord!

I’m here tonight to testify to the glory of God for healing.

In the morning of our all-night last Friday, I felt unwell as I was experiencing sharp pains at the left side of my abdomen.

However, I joined in the all-night, and whiles we were praying, Papa begun to make prophetic declarations unto God’s people.

There and then, this sharp pain was felt at the right side of my waist and instantly the abnormal pain I have been having since morning just left me.

In addition, I’ve had malaria this week but to the glory of God, the malaria is gone and I feel whole and strong again.

I just want to praise God for healing me of these ailments in the mighty name of Jesus.

Thank you, Prophet, for all the prayers you’ve been praying for us.

#divinehealing #theseerrealm



February 18, 2022


Strange Healing Testimony


Last Friday night, was the first time I zoomed into this prayer platform with an invitation from a brother (Felix).

Prior to my joining, I had been battling with depression and suicidal thoughts since the early part of 2020.

It was so intense to the extent that I was hospitalised. This really had a great effect on my husband, a best friend and my big brother not excluding my kids.

We have been praying ceaselessly believing in God for a healing miracle to ensue.

It was a terrifying moment in my life and that of my family, that all sharp objects in my house had to be hidden from my sight by my husband.

Inside me, I felt so unhappy which took an impact on my kids as a mummy could no longer be their friend to be playing with.

This I had no excuse, cause, or reason to be dealing with because clearly, it was a torment from the devil/demon.

To the glory of God whiles on the prayer line last Friday, the prophets kept mentioning my name saying I’m praying for you in his ministrations.

It’s not like I’ve met him anywhere before it was my very first time on the zoom prayer line.

Amazingly, I was the first he called for during the prophetic declarations to be prayed for. It was there that I felt and saw a human form live my very being.

Immediately that figure left my body, I felt brand new.

To the glory of God, this joy filled my heart that I could not even remember if I was in turmoil anymore or had been through one.

What a God we serve! Everything just vanished from my very being and I was restored anew.

Jehovah Rapha has healed me and set my soul free.

All glory be to God and the followers of Prophet Monnie. God bless you mighty Oracle of God.

#divinehealing #theseerrealm #prophetmonnie



March 18, 2022


Successful Graduation (MBA)

A year ago, I embarked on a program to pursue my MBA. During that time.  I was going through a lot in my life and didn’t know where to begin from.

Nevertheless, the Prophet said a prayer for me on this platform and ushered me into God’s hands for the Lord to go ahead of me.

And with all praise and thanksgiving to God, I’m here tonight with a heart full of joy to testify that the almighty God we serve did go ahead of me even before the start of this program and I have now successfully completed the program.

Thank you to your prophet for your love, care, and prayers. I appreciate you so much. God bless you and continue to exalt you.

#graceovergrades #theseerrealm #prophetmonnie

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