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I’m here tonight to share this testimony to encourage all of us here tonight.

Whiles, we are praying, we should believe that when God says a thing, he does it. Even when he is yet to say that thing concerning your destiny, he performs it in the realms of the spirit.

No matter how long it takes, the Lord will always show himself faithful.

I’ve been praying along with everyone here on this platform and the prophet has shared a few times here on zoom and privately prophesies about my promotion.

A week ago, before this testimony, in one of our morning prayers, the prophet made a prophetic declaration while ministering that he sees a decision being made in someone’s favour.

And that same week in the office was when I got to know there were meetings and discussions ongoing in my organisation for promotions with lots of processes being put into consideration.

 I received the word in faith. However, amazingly prophet mentioned my name and he see the discussions being made in my favour about promotion. Although I do not deserve it, the Lord will give it to me.

To the glory of God, a week after I received an email with a confirmation of this elevation, The Lord has indeed done it and I thank God for the life of the Prophet, Pastor Nath and everyone here for the union, the love and community of prayer we share here.

God bless you all for God certainly is here.

~ Dan Tawiah

MARCH 11, 2022


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