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Major world events prophesied by the Prophet of God!

Major world events prophesied on Zoom by Canada’s Prophet Reindolf Monnie!

I can bet everyone on the internet has heard about the story of Noah and the flood. We have all also heard about the prophetic message the Lord revealed to Noah and how the great flood eventually poured down, destroying the earth and all the people therein.

The question many people have today however is, Does God still speak to His prophets?

Does He still speak about world events in the 21st century?

Today, you be the judge.

On the 1st of January, 2023, a man of God and his congregation had a service on Zoom. The Lord then spoke to the man of God about some impending natural disasters.

During the service, these were the exact words the man of God shared.

The Lord said there would be major weather issues across the world. Places that had never been flooded before will flood. Places that have never experienced fire will experience fire. Places that have not experienced earthquake would experience earthquake. China would experience,... it’s China… but coming out towards their border, they would experience an earthquake, the Lord said to me, its magnitude will be about 7.5… earthquake, serious one. The Lord said to me, there would be challenges with electricity in places that have never known what we call shortage of light or light-off. There will be challenges of electricity, even in this part of the world. In Europe there will be challenges of electricity. People of God let’s pray. Let’s pray. There will be challenges.

About one month after this prophecy, Turkey-Syria experienced an earthquake that killed more than 5,200 killed. Turkey sits on two continents, between Asia and Europe, about 3,700 miles from China. Before this, Pakistan which shares borders with China also experienced a major power outage affecting 220 million people. As all these were happening, China just sent a warning for people to prepare for extreme weather this year after record-breaking temperatures and lengthy droughts.

As you can tell, these are some of the events the man of God prophesied about. Some are still unraveling, which means we need to pray. And in case you are wondering, the man of God the Lord spoke to is Prophet Reindolf Monnie, head pastor of Royal Throne Triumphant Ministries in Canada.

As we can see on his Instagram, this is not the first time we have seen God use the prophet to speak about major world world events.

So this then brings me back to my initial question.

Does God still speak to His prophets?

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