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Prophecy Fulfilled:

The Explosion of a Tanker in Ghana on February 9th 2023

On January 28th 2023, Prophet Reindolf Monnie, the General Overseer of the Royal Throne Triumphant Ministry made a prophecy about an impending explosion of a Tanker. This prophecy came to pass on February 9th 2023, when a tanker exploded on the Kumasi Road in Ghana, causing widespread devastation but Thankfully No lives were lost.

Prophet Reindolf Monnie is a well-known prophet in Ghana, known for his accurate predictions and spiritual insight. He has been making prophecies for close to two Decades and has gained a reputation for his accuracy and insight.

On January 28th, Prophet Reindolf Monnie spoke about an explosion that was going to happen not only in Ghana but also in Qatar in one of his prayer meetings with his followers/congregation warning the people to be prepared and to take precautions and also to pray against the impending danger. Well, it has happened already in Ghana, we still have time to pray and cancel the impending Tanker Explosion that will happen in Qatar.

The explosion that happened in Ghana was so powerful that it was felt several miles away, and the resulting fire burned for several hours.

The major event was aired on UTV one of Ghana’s renowned TV stations.

The people of Ghana were stunned by the accuracy of the prophet's prophecy, and many have since come to seek his guidance and wisdom.

The Tanker explosion in Ghana on February 9th 2023, serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of taking prophetic warnings seriously. Prophet Reindolf Monnie's accurate prediction shows that his spiritual insight and foresight should not be ignored, and that we must be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

I call on both the Government and the people of Ghana to start looking to Prophet Reindolf Monnie for guidance and wisdom in these difficult times, and we can expect to hear much more from this powerful prophet in the years to come.

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